Leisure Batteries Ireland Privacy policy

1. Information we collect
In order to complete payment and deliver your order, we collect certain details such as; your name, address, telephone number and email. A record of your purchase is kept on file.

2. Card details or other personal financial information
Payments for goods or services may be completed using credit or debits cards - during the transaction we will ask for this information if required.   We do not keep records of credit or debit card information.

3. Your information and third parties

We take your privacy seriously and do not share your personal details with any third party.

4. Your information
If you need to correct any of your details held on file you can contact us by telephone at the numbers shown above or at the address shown at the bottom of the page. If you wish to have your details removed/ deleted from our files please call or write to the same number/ address. You can also contact us electronically by visiting our 'contact us' page.

5. Contacting you
Where necessary we will contact you via email or telephone (in the first instance) before using mail.

6. Secure Payment
We do not process any card data directly via our website - all payments are processed securely via PayPal.

Privacy Policy

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