Yuasa Prospec Battery Range - Leisure, Marine, Industrial, Renewable Energy - heavy duty flooded semi traction
battieries in 6, 8 and 12 volts.

Yuasa are a global battery manufacturer, renowned for high quality, durable, reliable products. The Yuasa Prospec battery range
has been designed to meet exacting standards - putting it in direct competition with some of the worlds biggest semi traction
battery names - including the Trojan Battery Company

The Yuasa Pro-Spec range of flooded deep cycle lead-acid batteries have been specifically designed for durability and long life in
deep discharge use. Unique, state of the art plate barrier prevention and separator systems minimise self discharge and maximise
both the out of use storage period and the number of recharge cycles, providing more power and reliability and prolonging the
service life of the battery.

Vibration Resistant
Maintenance Free
Deep Cycle
Extended Service Life
Pro-Spec valve regulated battery applications

Type         Reserve capacity (mins)   25a       75a      5hr     20hr    Lmm     Wmm  Hmm  Htmm   Wkg    Terminal types
Deep Cycle 6V DCB 605-6                   383       105      175     210       259      179      245     276       27.0    ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 6V DCB 105-6                   447       115      185      225       259      179      245     276      28.6     ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 6V DCB 125-6                   488       132      195     240       259      179       245     276     30.7      ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 6V DCB 145-6                   530       145     215      260      259      179      264      295      33.0      ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 8V DCB 875-8                   295       75       145      170      262      181      245      276      29.0      ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 8V DCB 890-8                  340       90       155      190      262      181       245      276       31.6     ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 8V DCB 8125-8                425       110     190      240      262      181       283      316      37.6      ET, DT, ST
Deep Cycle 12V DCB 1275-12           290        70       125     150       329     181       245      276      37.5      ET
What applications can the Yuasa Prospec be used for?

Leisure and marine
Renewable Energy - including off grid, solar and wind
Industrial applications - access platforms, fork lifts, floor cleaners
Golf carts and other Electric Vehicles

Who do we work with?

We supply retail and trade customers, however, we also supply public bodies such as the Department of Defense and public -
government bodies.

Can you help us design a system?

Yes, we have the knowledge to help guide you in choosing the right products for your application including but not limited to:
Cabling and connections
Solar panels
Wind turbines
Off grid control systems
Self consumption packages
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