Sonnenschein Deep Cycle Battery Range - Leisure, Marine, Industrial, Renewable Energy - heavy duty gel batteries

The GF-V block battery range is designed for hard industrial use. This includes applications such as cleaning
machines, pallet trucks, automatic guided vehicles, mobile elevating work platforms, electric cars and buses.

The GF-Y block battery range is particularly suitable for the leisure and mobility market (wheelchairs, scooters, golf
carts and electric boats).

What applications can the Sonnenschein GF V and Y range be used for?

Leisure and marine
Renewable Energy - including off grid, solar and wind
Industrial applications - access platforms, fork lifts, floor cleaners
Golf carts and other Electric Vehicles

Who do we work with?

We supply retail and trade customers, however, we also supply public bodies such as the Department of Defense and public -
government bodies.

Can you help us design a system?

Yes, we have the knowledge to help guide you in choosing the right products for your application including but not limited to:
Cabling and connections
Solar panels
Wind turbines
Off grid control systems
Self consumption packages
Part No.
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight Kg
GF12 014YF
Part of Island Energy Solutions Limited, Registered Company Number NI 073683

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Leisure and Deep Cycle Batteries for caravans, motorhomes, boats, electric vehicles and off grid systems
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