'Smart' Guage Battery Monitor

While there are many advanced
battery monitors available that
count ampere hours to display state of
charge (by using a current measuring shunt),
one drawback can be their accuracy over
extended time periods. If you are prepared
to periodically re-synchronise your monitor,
then the Merlin PowerGauge Lite and Pro are
good examples. If however, your application
is such that manual re-synchronisation is not
possible or practical, Merlin SmartGauge is
the ideal solution.
Designed by Merlin’s own R&D team, the
unit uses an advanced computer algorithm
to display voltage (2 battery banks) and
state of charge (1 battery bank) using
just two or three wires.
In addition to being simple to install,
Smart Gauge is also very easy to operate
- perfect if the individual using the device
is not familiar with battery technology.
The algorithm used within the unit selfcompensates
for the changes in a
battey’s charge efficiency factor (health)
over time, ensuring that the unit remains
accurate throughout the life of the installation.
SmartGauge is suitable for both 12 volt and
24 volt electrical systems, provides user
settable alarms to indicate both high and
low voltages and low capacity. These alarms
can be utilised to operate external relays
for purposes such as automatic generator
starting. SmartGauge can also be upgraded
to control its own intelligent split charging

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