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All of our product are available to both retail and trade customers. We offer a delivery service for all products across Ireland. If you require a bulk price please call for further information.
Leisure Battery Range

Deep cycle and dual purpose
leisure batteries from Exide, Varta,
Alphaline, ABX-AGM,
Sonnenschein, Trojan, Optima and
Odyssey battery companies. Our
leisure battery range covers 99% of
the Irish market requirements. If you
cant find what you're looking for on
our website then please visit the
online store or call us on 01
4433102. Our team have a vast
industry experience.
AGM and Gel Battery Range

With an unrivalled range of AGM
and GEL type batteries now in
stock, we can provide leisure
batteries for the most demanding
applications. We even keep the
more exotic vaiants such as the
Exide and Sonnenschein variants of
the Deta GEL DG110 battery. 
Battery Chargers

All of our battery chargers are
intelligent multistage battery 
chargers which can be permanently
connected to the battery. The range
covers 6 volt through to 48 volt
battery charging. Suitable for many
applications such as flooded lead
acid, VRLA, Gel, AGM. All our
chargers are from renowned
manufacturers such as Victron,
Keepower and Sterling  ensuring a
reliable charge time after time.
Sterling Power Products

Sterling Power Products have been
designed to meet the requirements
of automotive, leisure, marine and
emergency power requirements.
With advanced battery charging,
cost effective inverters and
patented designs - Sterling Power
products are one of the best on the
market today.
Trojan Battery Products

With over 85 years of experience in
the deep cycle business, Trojan
deep cycle 6 and 8 volt batteries
are some of the best in the market
today. Whether its for a golf buggy,
floor cleaner, aerial platform, traffic
lights or other deep cycle
application - Trojan deep cycle
batteries are there when you need
them most. Read more....
Solar panels

With an every growing range of
solar components from top brands
such as Atersa, Kyocera, Steca,
Victron and Phocos - we are happy
to quote on any of your
requirements for leisure, marine and
off grid applications including
telecom and residential. We can
provide everything from a single
panel to a system kit complete with
Victron Energy Range

Victron are renowned for their
innovative designs, quality and
ease of use. We can provide prices
and advice on all the Victron range -
which includes; the EasyPlus,
MultiPlus and Quattro combi
charger Inverters,
Battery Monitors, System
Monitoring online and by SMS,  DC
to DC converters, DC to AC
Inverters, battery chargers,  solar
panels and charge controllers.
Yuasa Prospec Batteries

Yuasa have always been at the
forefront of battery quality and
technology. Their latest range of
deep cycle flooded industrial
batteries has been designed to last.
Superb build quality and high cycle
life make this battery range suitable
for leisure and marine, floor
cleaners, access platforms, traffic
light system etc.
Off Grid Ireland

Is it possible to live off grid in
Ireland? The answer to that is a
resounding YES! We live off-grid as
do many of our customers!
Therefore it is possible to live
entirely off-grid in Ireland. We have
the experience to help design your
system to suit your budget. Visit our
off grid website to read more....
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