Victron BMV600S - suitable for monitoring 1 battery bank
The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere-hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere-hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere-hours consumed is calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery. In case of a constant current this integration is equivalent to current multiplied by time. A discharge current of 10A during 2 hours, for example, amounts to 20Ah consumed. All our battery monitors are based on a powerful microprocessror, programmed with the algorithms needed for precision monitoring.

Standard information and alarms:

Battery voltage (V)
Battery charge/discharge current (A)
Ampere-hours consumed (Ah)
State of Charge (%)
Time to go at the current rate of discharge
Visual and audible alarm: over and under voltage , and/or battery discharged.

BMV 600: low cost ultra high resolution monitor

HIghest resolution
Lowest current consumption
Easiest to wire: The BMV 600 comes with shunt, 10 metre RJ12 UTP cable and 2 metre cable with fuse. No other components
Easiest to install: seperate front bezel for square or round apperance; ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting.

Victron BMV602S - suitable for monitoring 2 battery banks (domestic/ house and starter banks)
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