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We provide professional power for the Leisure, Marine, Renewable Energy, Off-Grid and Industrial (including UPS) markets throughout Ireland. Our products include leisure batteries, deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, inverters, solar panels, wind turbines and other associated products.

Leisure Batteries Ireland are distributors for many top manufacturers including Alphaline, ABX-AGM, Sonnenschein, Enersys, Optima, Odyssey, Varta and Exide battery companies.  We also provide the full range of products from Victron Energy and Sterling Power products - including all necessary cabling and connections.

With an in depth knowledge of our markets and products - we can help you find the right battery for your motor home, or design an energy systems to your own specific requirements - creating unique and efficient solutions.

Leisure Batteries Ireland is a trading name of Island Energy Solutions Ltd - registered company - NI617986

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Part of Island Energy Solutions Limited, Registered Company Number NI 073683

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Leisure and Deep Cycle Batteries for caravans, motorhomes, boats, electric vehicles and off grid systems
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