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Leisure Batteries Ireland are the pioneers of mail order batteries in Ireland - online ordering and
next day delivery service to your door. We supply retail and trade customers with top brand such
as Alphaline Leisure Batteries, Sonnenschein Gel Batteries, Exide Dual and Dual AGM Batteries,
Varta, Optima, Odyssey, Yuasa, Enersys and ABX-AGM Batteries.

We also provide energy system component such as inverters, battery chargers, combi units,
relays, solar charge controllers, solar pv, wind turbines, cabling and connections - from
companies such as Victron Energy and Sterling Power.

Visit our online store here - this will open a new window or tab for our online store. Please note that
our online store only has a small percentage of what we can offer, we have over 2000 products in
our full range. With over 12 years industry experience, we will be able to find the right product for
your application. You can contact us by phone on  or email using our contact form

Our Brands

We now supply a full
range of batteries
covering applications
such as:

Renewable Energy

Our latest range
covers all battery
types including;
. Open vented
Sealed batteries
Maintenance free
Dual Purpose

Marine Batteries
We now supply the full
range of Alphaline and
Optima marine
batteries including twin
post versions. Open
vented, sealed for life,
agm and gel deep
cycle variants
available for all marine
What applications do our batteries cover?

Leisure and marine
Renewable Energy - including off grid, solar and wind
Industrial applications such as cherry pickers, access platforms, floor scrubbers
Electric forklifts
Ride on toys
Electric stair lifts, fire alarm access panels and emergency lighting
Telecom and UPS batteries

Who do we work with?

We supply retail and trade customers, however, we also supply public bodies such as the
Department of Defense and public - government bodies.

Can you help us design a system?

Yes, we have the knowledge to help guide you in choosing the right products for your application
including but not limited to:
Cabling and connections
Solar panels
Wind turbines
Off grid control systems
Self consumption packages
Industrial Batteries
We now supply the full
range of Yuasa
Prospec industrial
batteries covering the
following applications;
Access platforms, Fire
alarms, traffic lights,

Wind turbines
We are now dealers
for Ecelctic Energy -
their rugged D400
turbines are the only
ones we know that are
strong enough to be
applied to buoys out at

Victron Energy
We have been
distributing for Victron
Energy for over 4
years. During that time
we have guided many
projects ranging from
those in the leisure
and marine industry to
self powered buoys at
sea, power upgrades
for military vehicles,
ambulances, rescue
vehicles, expedition
vehicles, off grid
homes, telecom and
broadband repeater
We carry a full range of ancilliary products so that you can complete your project or installation
We can supply the full range of Victron products including the Victron Multi and Quattro combi
chargers with assist functionality, BMV battery monitors, DC to DC converters, Solar PV panels
and Victron solar charge controllers.

Up to 12.5% off all Victron Products!

Our extensive range of Battery type and sizes covers the vast majority of requirements including
Caravans batteries, Motorhome batteries, Boat and Yacht (marine) house and engine start
batteries,Tail lift batteries, Floor cleaners batteries, Renewable energy applications including solar
and wind off-grid, Robotic arm batteries, UPS and off-grid power system batteries, Emergency
services vehicle batteries, Batteries for emergency power for hospitals and factories, Portable
Road Signage Batteries, Batteries for Portable Traffic Lights, Silent Power System batteries, Golf
Buggy or Golf Cart batteries, Trolling motors, Clay pigeon traps - just about any deep cycle

Cables, connectors, battery terminals, bus bars, isolator switches, fuse holders and other
miscellaneous items
Call our engineers to discuss your system requirements.
fuses holder
Bus bar DC distribution
25mm2, 50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2 cable made to length
Screw clamp battery terminals
Heavy duty post type battery terminal
Cable crimps
Disconnect DC

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